Who is Guitars ‘n Jazz?

Guitars ‘n Jazz specializes in high quality jazz archtop guitars.

We have the largest selection of carved Archtops in the world! Our large selection of over 300 Carved archtop guitars, over 500 New and Vintage archtops, allows you to find the best guitar for you.

We offer the largest in stock selection of Eastman carved archtops anywhere to insure that you can find the perfect archtop, including a full 3 day approval period, and a G’nJ warranty in addition to your Eastman warranty!

Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful archtop guitar that you will always enjoy playing and provides inspiration to improve. They must first of all be excellent players. Most of our guitars are also wonderful to look at. Musicians and teachers have described some of our guitars as” I forgot how good this guitar was” Our local teachers, players, and repairmen constantly praise the Palen archtop saying that it can stand up to even the most expensive archtops at any price. At Guitars ‘n Jazz you have the chance to compare all the major brands in a private quiet setting without interruption or other noise. Feel can be remembered and compared, but “Tone” is very difficult to remember when trying to compare archtops at different stores.

At Guitars ‘n Jazz you can compare all the major luthier archtops at one place. Always call or email Guitars ‘n Jazz if you are looking for a special archtop. Many of our archtops sell before we have the chance to list them on our website and only half of our inventory ever appears on our website. Always call or email if you are looking for something extra special.