Best Price Guarantee

Our goal at Guitars ‘n Jazz is to find you the best possible instrument that not only matches your personal requirements and play-style, but is also a guitar that you enjoy playing and look forward to picking up. We strive to price our instruments as competitively as possible in order to give our customers the […]

Do you accept trades?

We accept many trades towards purchase of a guitar. Some of our nicest guitars were taken as trades towards more expensive guitars. Occasionally we must take in trades that normally don’t meet our standards. These will de designated as “taken in trade”, and be specially priced. Click here to fill out form with a description […]

Networking & Sales Leads

Guitars n’ Jazz specializes in new & vintage archtop guitars. We can quickly find a buyer for your guitar, or purchase it outright for a quick, hassle-free cash sale, or accept it as a trade towards your purchase. Guitars n’ Jazz advertises in the most known music publications. Our gbase website inventory gets over 100,000 […]

Do you sell on consignment?

Consignment is the way to get the highest return on your instrument. Ask about our “Buyout Guarantee” in the rare event that we are not able to sell your guitar. Guitars ‘n Jazz has one of the lowest consignment fees in the industry. Consignment sellers receive up to a full 80% of net consignment proceeds. […]

How do you handle shipping?

The customer pays all shipping, insurance, and bank charges including all charges for returned merchandise. All insurance claims are the responsibility of the customer. The original packaging and box must be saved. Shipping will be via UPS or Federal Express unless other arrangements are made. The most cost-efficient air delivery in the continental US is […]

Satisfaction Guarantee

I would never purchase a guitar without first playing it, and I offer “hands on” approval always! I try to represent all the instruments as accurately as I can. Some things like “sound & feel” are quite subjective. If you are not satisfied for any reason you will be issued a full refund less actual […]

Which forms of payment do you accept?

To order an instrument, first CALL or FAX to confirm that the instrument is still available. Within the US we accept money orders, cashier’s checks, certified checks, Mastercard, or Visa Amex, and Discover. Outside the US, please send US dollars on a US bank or bank transfer. Payment must include the purchase price plus shipping […]

Layaways / Deferred Payments

A 20% deposit may be accepted to reserve any instrument for up to 120 days. 50% of the deposit is refundable if a layaway item is cancelled. Layaway orders are shipped on receipt of balance due. Please contact us for more information. [TOP]

Placing An Instrument On Hold

The best way to place an instrument on hold immediately is by phoning, faxing or emailing a valid VISA or MC number. Your card will be charged when the parcel is ready to ship. If paying by check or money order, we’ll extend a courtesy hold while your payment is in transit. Hold time is […]

Viewing an Instrument In Person

If you are within driving distance of New York City, please call for an appointment to preview an instrument in person. We are located in NJ thirty minutes from NYC. [TOP]

How to Purchase an instrument

To order an instrument, first CALL or FAX to confirm that the instrument is still available. In order to minimize returns (see below), we prefer not to ship any instrument until we have discussed the instrument with you directly. It is important to discern exactly what you expect from each instrument. We will actually tell […]

What are the store hours?

Showroom hours (based upon availability): BY APPOINTMENT Monday: Call or email for¬†availability Tuesday: Call or email for availability Wednesday: Call or email for availability Thursday: Call or email for availability Friday: Call or email for availability Saturday: Call or email for availability Sunday: Call or email for availability Please call 908-403-3426 to reserve an individual […]

What does Guitars and Jazz specialize in?

Nelson Palen carved Archtops exclusive distributors, Eastman Standard and Custom Guitars-Peerless Standard and Custom Guitars- over 500 archtops in stock at all times! Rivera Jazz Suprema, Hendriksen, JazzKat, Acoustic Image, and AER jazz amplifiers -always in stock. [TOP]

Who is Guitars ‘n Jazz?

Guitars ‘n Jazz specializes in high quality jazz archtop guitars. We have the largest selection of carved Archtops in the world! Our large selection of over 300 Carved archtop guitars, over 500 New and Vintage archtops, allows you to find the best guitar for you. We offer the largest in stock selection of Eastman carved […]