Peter A. Vintage

Another fabulous guitar.  This is one of the nicest archtops that I have ever played!  The amplified tone is outstanding.  The acoustic tone is clear and round. What can I say? Thank you Lou! You are the best! -Peter

Jonathan Vintage

Hello Lou, I’ll be looking for you at the Long Island Show next year. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a better playing archtop than the JS that you got from the Berkeley grad. But I had so much fun this May, I may come down to help you out if you let me […]

Anonymous Gibson L5 CES

Hello Lou, I met you at the Phlly show. I am so happy with the L5 CES that I purchased at the show. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be looking for another one in Nov. Thanks, Anonymous

Charlie Wes

Hey Lou, This is the L5 guy. That 93 Wes you sold me is unbelievable. The price was great too. Please send me a list of what you have. You know what I like. Thanks, Charlie, South Jersey

Perry Gibson ES-150D

Dear Lou, Thanks for making the ES-150D available to me. It’s a keeper! One of my favorite teachers, Remo Palmier, played a custom version, (black finish, 1 3/4″ nut width) of this instrument. I’ve always had an eye out for one. Remo passed away recently, and it means a lot to me to have this […]

John M. Engel Custom P90

Hey Lou; WOW!!!! Really nice guitar. The sound is amazing…great set-up too. No need to adjust at all for me which is rare to find in a new guitar. A little too soon to tell yet but this could easily become my fave. Sounds amazing through my DR Z MAZ 18. Thanks