Do you sell on consignment?

Consignment is the way to get the highest return on your instrument. Ask about our “Buyout Guarantee” in the rare event that we are not able to sell your guitar. Guitars ‘n Jazz has one of the lowest consignment fees in the industry. Consignment sellers receive up to a full 80% of net consignment proceeds. ($400 G’nJ minimum fee.) We will attempt to get you the full asking price and more if at all possible.

Click here to fill out form with a description of your guitar, or contact us, and we will promptly give you an asking and realistic selling price.

If your sale expectations are realistic we will pay the freight to ship the guitar to us. We look for the best qualities in your guitar, that will allow us to market it in the very best way possible. Superb tone or effortless action will be emphasized. Therefore, we prefer to see the guitar in person, or have it in our possession. When we receive your guitar we will thoroughly examine and adjust it to maximize tone, playability and appearance. This includes adjusting the action, truss rod, bridge, pickup adjustment, and a thorough cleaning, polishing and lubrication of the instrument at no charge. If additional work like fret dressing, replacement parts or repairs are necessary, we will be happy to supply these at cost, which will be deducted from the proceeds at time of sale, with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

You may also keep the guitar while it is being listed for sale if you will offer the same 48 hour approval period to a prospective buyer as is our policy. It is however much easier to sell and describe a guitar that is in hand.

For complete information on shipping your guitar safely and securely, see our Shipping page here.