Thinline Electrics

Eastman Guitars is doing to the Thinline Electric what it has done for the Archtop Guitar: employing time-honored hand craftsmanship and premium tonewoods to create the best in traditional instruments; and to create new, contemporary instruments to expand the genre. Eastman Thinline Electrics take a famously versatile instrument and make it more versatile; making a soulful guitar more soulful!

Eastman Thinline guitars measure 1 3/4" in depth and feature exceptional tonal qualities. Each guitar is handcrafted by Eastman's talented luthiers and feature Kent Armstrong humbucking pickups. These versatile guitars neatly span the distance between a fine hollow body archtop and the classic center block thinline. 180 series guitars are available in classic, classic-sunburst, sunburst, red, and black finishes. 140 series guitars are available in classic, classic-sunburst, and sunburst finishes. Hardshell case included.