Quilter Mach2-HD12″ (Heavy Duty)


Quilter Amplifiers


2 Channel

Amplifier Type

Solid State


21 pounds


200 watts


12 inch



MSRP: $1,450


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The MicroPro Mach2 HD twelve inch guitar amplifier is the most powerful of the pack. Immediately drop 50 pounds, because this is the gigging musician’s answer to that heavy 70 pound Twin that you have been lugging around.

Product Description

The Mach2-12HD 200 twelve inch guitar amplifier is the most powerful of the pack and only 21 pounds. This is the gigging jazz musicians replacement of their Fender Twin.  Many professional players that have never owned anything but a Fender, Marshall and other tube apps have purchases this amp and simply a rave about it! . It is the most amazing solid state amp ever built.  Once you try this amp you will be amazed with the tone, power, versatility, and the weight – only 21 pounds.

The Quilter 12 inch Mach 2 HD combo is the ultimate amp when you need serious power in a small package. Featuring a powerful Neodymium speaker, (Celestion BN12-300s) it sports 300 watts of power handling and a searing clean responsiveness with no speaker breakup or cone cry. A sealed enclosure calibrated to deliver a very balanced and beautiful tone, combined with the powerful and up front characteristics of the speaker are perfect for the jazz player or anyone who loves an EVM-12L type speaker response. It comes with big big bottom end and crystalline highs. Great for electric and especially hollow body instruments, the 12 inch HD combo packs a serious punch for players who love the sound of a 12 inch speaker, and want something powerful enough to handle a full band but portable enough to go anywhere. Combine this with our 12 inch extension cabinet for staggering power that will easily handle outdoor gigs without a PA system. Weighing in at 21 pounds, it is easy to carry and small enough to go anywhere.

All Quilter combo amps come with a sturdy ballistic nylon cover included.

MicroPro 200-12, 12” BN12-300s Heavy Duty speaker 100 Watts/CH, 21 pounds, 19”x17.5“x9.75”, Sealed Enclosure
The HD (Heavy Duty) 12” speaker is a testament to the pinnacle of speaker technology. Incredible depth, beautiful frequency extension throughout all ranges, the only thing you will miss is the speaker breakup and cone cry inherent in most speakers especially at serious volume. You won’t lack for clarity or presence with a MicroPro Mach 2 12″ HD but you will lack for weight. Developed in response to Quilter Artist Gino Matteo’s quest for an EVM-12L tone in a lightweight package, this amplifier exceeds that and more. If you love powerful and responsive tone from an unyieldingly powerful source, this is your huckleberry. We would like to tell you it is best for Jazz or Blues or Rock musicians, but it seems that everyone who tries it gets bowled over by the incredible power and tone.Great for overall power and lead work, this amplifier has a depth of tonal possibility you would expect from a dozen separate amplifiers. Weighing in at a mere 26 pounds, this amp is a breeze to take with you and will leave everyone stunned at what it is capable of. Pick this if you want a powerful lead amp or beautiful crunchy rythym for blues and classic rock.


  • Powerful: 100 watts per channel. 200 watts total when using channel 1 and 2.
  • Toneful: Patented next generation analog technology.
  • Portable: Take it on board the plane and put in the overhead bin.
  • Reliable: Stop fussing with 70 year old unreliable technology and play more!
  • Ultra-Light: The heavy duty magnet adds a few more pounds, but still far lighter than any serious 12 inch combo you’ve ever played.
  • Modular: Combine this with our matching extension speaker, or use your own for outdoor or extremely loud gigs.
  • Flexible: Works with nearly any impedance, or even with the speaker unplugged.
  • Consistent: Our power supply auto-adapts regardless of the voltage the wall is dishing out. Your tone never suffers, even from “nightclub voltage.”
  • Foot controllers are optional, so be sure to choose from one of the three options.

2 Position standard controller controls only channel switching and reverb.

The 2 position selectable controller controls any of 6 selectable functions: Channel switching, Boost, Limiter, Tremolo, Reverb, and FX Loop.

The 6 position controls all 6 functions: Channel switching, Boost, Limiter, Reverb, Tremolo and FX Loop.
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