Peerless Leela Archtop Electric Guitar #3018257

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Product Description

Peerless builds quality Instruments for discerning guitarists

The Leela is a meticulously crafted all maple guitar with with a carved maple top, laminate maple back and sides, and a maple neck. It features an ebony fingerboard, an ebony cello style tailpiece, and a gorgeous Blonde finish. Hardware includes a set of Gotoh tuners with ebony buttons and a Kent Armstrong built-in humbucker which gives a fatter richer jazz tone. The overall style of the instrument is reminiscent of the understated, “clean” look pioneered by the great Jimmy D’Aquisto and later developed by Bob Benedetto. In an effort to keep embellishments to a minimum, the fingerboard is free of positioning dots (there are still side dots.)┬áCustom metal tailpiece covered in ebony to enhance the acoustic and amplified tone. Beware of seconds with an inferior tailpiece that rests on the top of the guitar making it impossible to change strings, and inevitably shatters.
This is from the last Leela 9/8/2020 Purchaser “Wow, you weren’t kidding. This is a gorgeous instrument. Even unplugged, the sound is beautiful. Thanks for the advice and the quick turnaround.”
Peerless builds quality Instruments for discerning guitaristsPeerless is Korea’s premiere guitar manufacturer and has been producing high quality jazz guitars since the 70s. Over the years they’ve built thousands of guitars for Gretsch, Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, and many others. Now a prestigious brand in their own right, Peerless offers instruments that rival the sound and playability of much costlier boutique makers at a fraction of the price.


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