Michael L. Peerless Songbird


I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with the Sonbird I bought from you in early October. I have owned several Gibosn ES330 guitars over the years and the build quality of the Songbird is better than any ES300 I have ever played.

The ES330 and the Epiphone Casino were built as student guitars and the build quality reflects that, although the old ones are freat guitars. The Songbird though is a Pro instrument built with the highest quality.Here is a case in point. I tried to replace the chrome pick up covers with black ones, but they were sodered on to the pick up, not just lying on top like a ES330 or Casino. In addition I took the guitar apart ti install a soundpost, an old trick to avoid feedback at higher volumes, and low and behold it alreday had a nice soundpost glued in! After playing this guitar for two months I could not believe it had a soundpost as it was so resonant and even sounding. A soundpost tends to deaden the sound a bit but not on this guitar.

Hats off to Peerless for building my giuitar this way. To think I only paid $900 for it is unbelievable! I love it so much I just bought a “Reunion Blues Gig Bag” for it. No finer compliment to a guitar can be given than that!

Thanks Again,
Michael L.