Mike Orea Palen

Mike Orea playing his Palen 7-string guitar, on his AWESOME arrangement of “Yardbird Suite” for solo guitar!

Howard Morgen Eastman 905-7

Lou at Guitars ‘n Jazz picked me out a real winner! This Eastman 905-7 became my favorite the minute I picked it up and played it.” – Howard Morgen visit Howard’s Website

Philip C. Palen

Hi Nelson, WELL – I am blown away by this guitar!  I was late to work this morning because I finally got it out of the box for the first time Sunday evening, and didn´t get to bed until 2AM! I wanted to tell you that – forgetting for a quick moment that this is […]

Justin Perdue – Eastman Jazz 16

Lou- Just an note that a year or so later, that Eastman JAZZ 16 is still a joy to play! Finally got a video with some halfway decent audio – thought you might enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK8iwo67JP8 As you’ll see, find myself standing while playing lately – thinking of having added a strap button near the heel […]

Akira M. Eastman

Hello,  Lou. My two Eastman’s guitars finally arrived today (December 2nd).  As a matter of fact, they arrived in Japan on November 19, but the custom office commanded me to make a procedure to import them.  It took about two weeks to receive them…What a shame!  They are very light and beautiful,and also sound great […]

Joe P. Showroom

Hi Lou, I played the El Rey and it´s like butter. It never played so well. The action, intonation, all of it great. Please pass along my thanks to Mark for his work. Last Saturday in the showroom, while you were on the phone I played your Bennedetto Guild  Artist Award, unplugged. I thought it […]

Pete S. Palen

Well I wanted to go over and see Lou one more time thinking the guitars would be finished end of the month. But off course he always has other reasons to go over there. Some nice palens to play and other gorgeous things. When lo and behold there it was a black Palen. It is […]

John M. Engel Custom P90

Hey Lou; WOW!!!! Really nice guitar. The sound is amazing…great set-up too. No need to adjust at all for me which is rare to find in a new guitar. A little too soon to tell yet but this could easily become my fave. Sounds amazing through my DR Z MAZ 18. Thanks

Nick W. Eastman El Rey 1

Lou, The guitar arrived safely and expertly packaged last night.  I worked late but was able to play for awhile acoustically and was impressed with the ft and finish as well as the action.  I have not played an El Rey before and found the neck to very comfortable.  This weekend I’ll get to plug […]

Jim K. Peerless Monarch

Hi Lou! Got the guitar today at about 3:45 PM.  Have been playing it, and I’m completely satisfied.  It’s all you said it would be. Thanks for all of your help.  I have some friends in Nutley, NJ and I get to see them once in a while.  Next time, I’ll stop in and  say […]