Eastman guitars and mandolins came as the result of a passion for high quality string instruments inherited from our internationally recognized fine violin line. Eastman offers musicians an opportunity to enjoy instruments produced by expert craftspeople entirely by hand using the best possible tonewoods, and time tested carving/building techniques.

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Eastman - 16 and 17 Archtops

Premium tonewoods and the time honored process of meticulous hand craftsmanship form a harmonious relationship that has established Eastman as a major force in the world of archtop guitars. Today Eastman offers the widest selection of classic and contemporary archtop guitars in the industry. Most often associated with jazz, Eastman archtops are frequently used in many other styles of music due to their beautiful sound, range and finish.

Eastman - Thinline Electrics

Eastman Guitars is doing to the Thinline Electric what it has done for the Archtop Guitar: employing time-honored hand craftsmanship and premium tonewoods to create the best in traditional instruments; and to create new, contemporary instruments to expand the genre. Eastman Thinline Electrics take a famously versatile instrument and make it more versatile; making a soulful guitar more soulful!

Eastman Thinline guitars measure 1 3/4″ in depth and feature exceptional tonal qualities. Each guitar is handcrafted by Eastman’s talented luthiers and feature Kent Armstrong humbucking pickups. These versatile guitars neatly span the distance between a fine hollow body archtop and the classic center block thinline. 180 series guitars are available in classic, classic-sunburst, sunburst, red, and black finishes. 140 series guitars are available in classic, classic-sunburst, and sunburst finishes. Hardshell case included.

Eastman - Left Handed Guitars

  • Peerless Hardtail Lefty 8550

    16" Arch Top Double Cutaway Laminated Maple Laminated Top and  Maple Laminated Maple Back , 44 mm (1.73") depth at rims. Lowest price Guaranteed!

    MSRP $1,595


    Peerless Hardtail Lefty 8550