Charlie Wes

Hey Lou, This is the L5 guy. That 93 Wes you sold me is unbelievable. The price was great too. Please send me a list of what you have. You know what I like. Thanks, Charlie, South Jersey

Scott Palen

Hey Lou, I know that I called you many times for info on archtops. Most of the archtops that I purchased out here, were pretty true to your comments. But when you sent me the Palen, the tone just blue all the others away. Just like you told me it would. What am I supposed […]

Fred Palen

Hello Lou, Just a sincere thank you. Everything that you said about the Palen, the resonance, the overtones, the fullness, the D’Angelico like acoustic tone are all true. Some day I would like to meet the fella that sold me the best archtop that I have ever played! Thanks, Fred, Oakland, CA

Bob Palen Archtop

Hello Lou, Each and every day I play the Palen Archtop and think, there can’t be a better sounding guitar. I like the sunburst picture. It seems a little more subtle then the sunburst I saw before. Did you have a new crop come in? I don’t think I’ll even bother playing my JS anymore. […]

Perry Gibson ES-150D

Dear Lou, Thanks for making the ES-150D available to me. It’s a keeper! One of my favorite teachers, Remo Palmier, played a custom version, (black finish, 1 3/4″ nut width) of this instrument. I’ve always had an eye out for one. Remo passed away recently, and it means a lot to me to have this […]

Andy C. Palen

Hello Lou, I just got my Palen this afternoon shortly before having to go to work. After opening the case my jaw dropped in amazement of its sheer beauty…the meticulous detail, fine grain, gorgeous finish, and so light! Then I played it and was blown away by its wonderful tone. The top is so responsive […]

Mike Oria Palen

Recently, I took delivery of a very special custom archtop built by Nelson Palen. His instruments are sold exclusively through Lou Del Rosso at Guitars N Jazz (Summit, NJ) – more about Lou later. I have read reviews from those who buy a new guitar and are so excited about their purchase, the newness, the […]

Kevin Van Sant Palen

A student of mine recently got two six string Palens. One with routed PU, one with floating. They are easily the best sounding of all the independent luthier guitars I’ve heard or played. Like you said, you hear one note and you know. Congrats and enjoy! – Kevin Van Sant visit Kevin’s Website

Sylvain Contant Palen

Reviewed in Harmony Central: Features : 9  Made by Nelson Palen in 2007 after a waiting time of 17 months, this is an archtop guitar in all solid woods. The top is hand carved spruce and the back and sides are flamed maple. The floating pickup is a Kent Armstrong with thumbwheel pots for volume […]

Gilad L. Palen Performer

I purchased a used Carved Palen with a floating pickup and a new Palen Performer (which is also hand carved, but has a set humbucker). So far, I have been enjoying my new amazing guitars for the past 3 weeks at home and at local gigs. I have done the review with Harmony Central: FEATURES: […]

Mike Moss Palen Performer

Review of Palen Performer Overall Rating: 11 I first played a Palen Jazz Performer in May 2006 at the Long Island Guitar show. I told Lou Del Rosso, owner of Guitars n Jazz, that I loved it and would order one immediately. I did. I received the guitar in September 2007. It was well worth […]

Rodney Jones Palen

My name is Rodney Jones. I was the guitarist on the Rosie O’Donnell Show, Showtime at the Apollo, as well as musical director for Lena Horne and James Brown. I am good friends with George Benson. We drove out together to the Classic American Guitar Show in Long Island New York where he purchased your […]

Mike Orea Palen

Mike Orea playing his Palen 7-string guitar, on his AWESOME arrangement of “Yardbird Suite” for solo guitar!

Howard Morgen Eastman 905-7

Lou at Guitars ‘n Jazz picked me out a real winner! This Eastman 905-7 became my favorite the minute I picked it up and played it.” – Howard Morgen visit Howard’s Website

Philip C. Palen

Hi Nelson, WELL – I am blown away by this guitar!  I was late to work this morning because I finally got it out of the box for the first time Sunday evening, and didn´t get to bed until 2AM! I wanted to tell you that – forgetting for a quick moment that this is […]

Justin Perdue – Eastman Jazz 16

Lou- Just an note that a year or so later, that Eastman JAZZ 16 is still a joy to play! Finally got a video with some halfway decent audio – thought you might enjoy: As you’ll see, find myself standing while playing lately – thinking of having added a strap button near the heel […]