Today’s D’Angelico Guitar is born to perform. We work hard to maintain the exquisite craftsmanship and imaginative techniques learned in the Kenmare Street shop, using only top quality woods and components for each and every one of our models.

We’ve stretched the boundaries of creativity and innovation with bold methods of design and construction: Archtops, Semi-Hollows, Solid-bodies, Flat tops, and Custom-Made. Each D’Angelico is said to have a soul, a personality and a voice.

We are a company owned and managed by musicians, for musicians.

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D'Angelico - Thin Line

  • D’Angelico EX-SS Features

    These models are gig ready right out of the box to perform in the most demanding large venues and just as enjoyable when playing alone in your living room or studio.

    MSRP $2,429
    Price $1,699


    D’Angelico EX-SS Features