ZT Amplifiers

From the orchestra pits of Broadway and Vegas to the arenas of Tokyo and London, from downtown clubs to uptown studios, there is a name you will see everywhere. It’s a name that is synonymous with excellence in compact amplification: ZT. Amps so powerful, so small, so excellent, that no musician wants to live without one.

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  • ZT Amps Lunchbox Acoustic

    "The ZT Lunchbox Acoustic is a terrific amp for small to medium-sized venues, especially those where people really want to listen. It's full featured, very functional, incredibly portable, and intuitive to use. Ladies and gentlemen, lunch is served." - GAYLA DRAKE PAUL, PREMIER GUITAR JULY 2010

    MSRP $529
    Price $449


    ZT Amps Lunchbox Acoustic

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  • ZT Amps Lunchbox Cab

    Fire up your output and bottom end by adding this extension speaker optimized for The Lunchbox amp. Make the world's most fierce (and cute) mini-stack or create separation for extra depth and dimension.

    MSRP $159
    Price $119


    ZT Amps Lunchbox Cab

  • ZT Amps Lunchbox

    ZT's original new-concept amp is used by professionals for backstage, studio recording, and live performance. 200 watts! Use solo or power an external cabinet.

    MSRP $499
    Price $429


    ZT Amps Lunchbox

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