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It has been our driving force, from our early work in the 1970s with the who’s who of the studio world, to our consulting work for many of the leading amplifier manufacturers, to today’s extensive line of professional products that we proudly hand-build in the USA. Rivera is a privately owned company. We do not have to answer to shareholders. We answer only to you.

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  • Rivera Jazz Suprema 55 1×15

    A custom Rivera built for his Archtop customers. It had to have a big clear bottom-end with huge headroom and warm of tube tone. But almost more importantly, it had to be light!

    MSRP $2,899
    Price $2,195


    Rivera Jazz Suprema 55 1×15

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  • Rivera Sedona 100

    Sedona, the world's first all-tube Electric and Acoustic amp designed in collaboration with Nashville fingerpicking legend, Doyle Dykes. Accolades have been given to Sedona from all over the world.


    Rivera Sedona 100