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Quilter Labs is revolutionizing guitar amplifier technology with products that sound incredible, weigh much less, and are powerful when you need them to be, but maintain good tone when they need to be quiet.

When Pat Quilter set out to redefine the possibilities of what a guitar amplifier could be, he left no options off the table. Incorporating over 50 unique advancements in technology, he made what might be best described as the swiss army knife of amplifiers.

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  • Quilter Aviator Twin 10″ Amplfier Disconintued

    Quilter Twin 10" open back tone with a warmer and chewier feel, dual 10-inch speakers in a traditional size cabinet provide a big low end with the airy quality of an open back. With our incredible Class-D power plant, you get all the tone, twice the power and half the weight of any comparable size tube amp.

    MSRP $1,399
    Price $949


    Quilter Aviator Twin 10″ Amplfier Disconintued

  • Quilter Steelaire Combo

    Steelaire Combo provides maximum portability with a slimline cabinet housing a front loaded 15" neodynium speaker. 200 clean watts and a rich feature set provide ultimate performance for any archtop guitar!

    Price $1,399


    Quilter Steelaire Combo

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