AER Amplifiers

Every instrument deserves the chance to be evenly heard in its natural beauty. Since 1992 we at AER have never let go our passion for instruments, music, tone and that little bit extra we can put on top to push things further, perform better — we just love it.

AER Amplifiers - Advanced Level

  • AER Compact XL Amplifier

    A beautiful sounding powerhouse for those who need more volume, a more defined tone but yet love the straightforwardness of the Compact 60.

    MSRP $2,199
    Price $1,899


    AER Compact XL Amplifier

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AER Amplifiers - Reference Level

  • AER BaseCube 2 Amplifier

    Whether `arco┬┤ or `pizzicato┬┤ - the BassCube sounds like your bass: round and open - you can hear the stroke of your bow as true to life as the placing of your fingers on the fingerboard.

    MSRP $4,499
    Price $3,899


    AER BaseCube 2 Amplifier

  • AER AcoustiCube 3 Amplifier Mint

    It allows a much clearer and defined bass response and much lighter, more sparkling reproduction of the complete range up to finest texture.

    MSRP $3,799
    Price $3,299


    AER AcoustiCube 3 Amplifier Mint