Rare vintage  Michael Dunn Mystery Pacific Maccaferri jazz guitar made in Japan



Guitar Type

Macaferri Django

Lower Bout Width


Body Depth


Nut Width

1 7/8″

Fingerboard Scale

26 1/4″

Pickup Type


Wood Composition

Solid Top / Laminate


Maple, Spruce






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Michael Dunn’s Mystery Pacific is styled after and inspired by Mario Maccaferri’s Grande Bouche guitars built by Selmer in the early 1930’s

Product Description

Michael Dunn’s Mystery Pacific is styled after and inspired by Mario Maccaferri’s Grande Bouche guitars built by Selmer in the early 1930’s. This beautiful Mystery Pacific model features a short 25 3/16” scale, 14 fret neck, and a 16” body. The top is cedar, the back and sides are Indian Rosewood, and the neck is Mahogany. This model features a Maccaferri inspired resonator, Spertzel tuners, Ebony strap peg, and a compensated split bone/ebony saddle. The tone is rich and complex with a very thick midrange. It is especially nice for solo chord melody playing and rhythm. The volume does not decrease as one plays up the fretboard and the projection is remarkable.This example is Indian rosewood back & sides with a fir top.In order to accommodate a standard under-saddle pickup in a traditional seasonal Maccaferri style bridge – a removable standard saddle was fitted. As there is no room in the body cavity of the guitar for the plug-jack – an 1/8″ jack is installed into the wood of the tailpiece.This Gypsy guitar features a D-shaped soundhole and a 25 3/16″ scale length. It also sports Dunn’s internal sound chamber, which enhances the guitar’s upper frequencies. The front wall of the interior sound box is located on the straight side of the “D,” and the sound box has a hole that directs sound into the parabolic reflector.

Pricing and Availability (taken from Premier Guitar) Pricing is determined on a per-instrument basis due to custom specifications of each guitar. The base price of Dunn’s non-resonator custom guitars is around $4000. The models with interior resonators, such as the Mystery Pacific, Ultrafox, and OM guitars, typically fall between $5000 and $6000. The Bugatti model runs about $15,000, and the Cubist guitar costs roughly $10,000. Dunn builds around 15 guitars a year. Some of his Gypsy-jazz models are available immediately. Otherwise, the availability ranges from six months to a year.

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