Mark Monarch 16


First off, I love the guitar. Acoustically it sounds great. In some ways I wish it were a little bit louder. That clearly tells me that removing the sound post was an excellent idea. The action on the guitar is incredibly fast and easy to play. It is incredible how this style of guitar is freeing me up with many of the standards, bossas, and island music that I love to play.

The hard part now is my getting used to playing through the amplifier. I am just not used to it yet. Overall the Ultrasound amp that I have seems fine, but before I purchase it from my friend I am going to check out the amp that he had originally recommended – the fishman loudbox. A local dealer carries them, and I hope to try them out over the weekend. For what it is worth, I will let you know my feedback once I have played through this amp.

As to the guitar, I have no reservations. I truly thank you for all your input, and expertise. I didn’t like the idea of buying a guitar without first having played it. Your input was invaluable.