Wayne Eastman Jazz 16

I’ve been meaning to email you earlier, but have been pretty busy…Playing that Jazz 16! I can’t put it down- Wow, it’s like nothing I’ve played before and I’ve played almost everything for last 35 years. I’m not a Jazz player per se, but a generalist and play many styles of music. I don’t know how you decided to build that thing, but I can do anything on that except for extreme string bending. I have Rivera amp and I can go from “Wes” style Sunny to Hopkins Blues, to finger picking North Country Girl to Hendrix – Wind Cry’s Mary with out touching may amp – It all sounds great! I wanted a great jazz guitar, but I got a great guitar period!; and, that pickup is heaven – I love the weight and the craftsmanship is stellar – I love the way you can tell it’s hand made – I used to be a wood worker and you can see and feel the hands on this guitar.

Wayne, Texas