Mike Orea Palen

Mike Orea playing his Palen 7-string guitar, on his AWESOME arrangement of “Yardbird Suite” for solo guitar!

Philip C. Palen

Hi Nelson, WELL – I am blown away by this guitar!  I was late to work this morning because I finally got it out of the box for the first time Sunday evening, and didn´t get to bed until 2AM! I wanted to tell you that – forgetting for a quick moment that this is […]

Pete S. Palen

Well I wanted to go over and see Lou one more time thinking the guitars would be finished end of the month. But off course he always has other reasons to go over there. Some nice palens to play and other gorgeous things. When lo and behold there it was a black Palen. It is […]

Sylvain C. Palen

Hello both of you, Since yesterday I am fortunate to have in my possession my second Palen “The little sister”.  After much concern due to complications with UPS.  And once again I am totally satisfied. It is simply extraordinary, both in the sound than construction.  Nelson is truly a master luthier.  The guitar is simply […]