Steve J. Eastman

Hey Lou, Just wanted to say thanks for spending so much time helping me choose a guitar over the holidays. I am VERY happy with my purchase (the Eastman thinline) and have been playing non-stop since I got back to school. For my limited budget, I’m still amazed that I walked away with such a […]

John S. Eastman 810CE

Dear Lou, First off, Happy New Year!  And what a way to start the New Year.  The pictures are fantastic.  Thanks so much for taking the time yesterday in helping me select a guitar. As I related to you yesterday, the level of happiness I experienced in looking at and playing the fine instruments in […]

Howard Morgen Eastman 905-7

Lou at Guitars ‘n Jazz picked me out a real winner! This Eastman 905-7 became my favorite the minute I picked it up and played it.” – Howard Morgen visit Howard’s Website

Justin Perdue – Eastman Jazz 16

Lou- Just an note that a year or so later, that Eastman JAZZ 16 is still a joy to play! Finally got a video with some halfway decent audio – thought you might enjoy: As you’ll see, find myself standing while playing lately – thinking of having added a strap button near the heel […]

Akira M. Eastman

Hello,  Lou. My two Eastman’s guitars finally arrived today (December 2nd).  As a matter of fact, they arrived in Japan on November 19, but the custom office commanded me to make a procedure to import them.  It took about two weeks to receive them…What a shame!  They are very light and beautiful,and also sound great […]

Nick W. Eastman El Rey 1

Lou, The guitar arrived safely and expertly packaged last night.  I worked late but was able to play for awhile acoustically and was impressed with the ft and finish as well as the action.  I have not played an El Rey before and found the neck to very comfortable.  This weekend I’ll get to plug […]