Sylvain C. Palen

Hello both of you,

Since yesterday I am fortunate to have in my possession my second Palen “The little sister”.  After much concern due to complications with UPS.  And once again I am totally satisfied.

It is simply extraordinary, both in the sound than construction.  Nelson is truly a master luthier.  The guitar is simply wonderful, the beauty of wood is Breathtaking.  The photos do not do justice to such work. I’m surprised the color of maple which is much lighter than I would have imagined, which increases the beauty of the guitar, all in harmony with the spruce top.  The Binding of Picguard adds a contrast to the table and puts Obviously the Binding of the instrument.  I want to thank you again, I consider myself very fortunate to have access to exceptional people like you.

Sincerely thank you.

Regards Sylvain.

P. S. The case is also great…and the guitar smell good!!!