Rodney Jones Palen

Lou Del Rosso and Rodney Jones

Rodney Jones (right) with Louis Del Rosso, owner of Guitars 'N Jazz

My name is Rodney Jones. I was the guitarist on the Rosie O’Donnell Show, Showtime at the Apollo, as well as musical director for Lena Horne and James Brown. I am good friends with George Benson.
We drove out together to the Classic American Guitar Show in Long Island New York where he purchased your guitar. Both he and I thought it was one of the most balanced and amazing instruments that we had ever played. I would very much like to become one of your endorsees. In addition I am a professor of Jazz Guitar Studies at Manhattan School of Music and will expose the instrument to many students. The bottom line is that since that show the memory of the sound and feel of your guitar has remained with me. You should know that Nelson Palen is an amazing builder. Your guitars were by far the best at the show. The have a sound and feel and life that really enchanted me.

– Rodney Jones