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  • Eastman Jazz Elite 17-7Seven String #10030

    The Jazz Elite 17" 7 string is an all carved, 17" lower bout, 2 1/2" at rims archtop, custom designed by Guitars 'n Jazz with heavy paralell bracing, block inlays, hand wound lollar imperial set humbucker pickup, and all maple binding. Top of the Line tested Jazz archtop guitar and  "gig ready" out of the box.

    MSRP $3,195


    Eastman Jazz Elite 17-7Seven String #10030

  • Eastman 910ce-7 17″Seven

    Absolutely stunning 910ce -7 seven string. Fully carved Archtop with all solid premium woods. New 5 piece maple/ ebony fretboard, 2 1/8" at nut and mutli laminated maple / ebony headstock. Customshop Guitars in the Eastman Uptown Luxury Series feature the outstanding craftsmanship of our Professional Series with upgrades in materials and finish to create beautiful instruments of unsurpassed quality.

    MSRP $3,095


    Eastman 910ce-7 17″Seven

  • Benedetto 16″ 7 String Blonde Archtop

    Benedetto  ARCHTOPS are among the finest archtop guitars ever built. The Archtop is an "X" braced traditional instrument, descendent from the D'Aquisto school of instruments- very light and acoustic. It features a hand carved and graduated top and back, slightly thicker than many typical archtop guitars, with a very resonant and acoustic tone.


    Benedetto 16″ 7 String Blonde Archtop