Peerless guitars deliver amplified tone and performance equivalent to guitars costing 2 to 3 times more! Other guitars may look the same, but once you play a Peerless you will immediately hear the difference and be amazed at the affordability of these fine guitars!

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Peerless - Guitars ´n Jazz Exclusives

  • Peerless Cremona 16F Features

    The Cremona was built a little smaller 16" at the lower bout and a little thinner 2 1/2" at the rims, and given a smaller headstock for perfect balance, making it more comfortable and lighter and more feedback resistant for the professional musician. With a carved solid top it imparts "Bell like tones" with great chordal note separation and feedback resistance not found in the larger model.

    MSRP $2,795
    Price $2,395


    Peerless Cremona 16F Features

The GnJ Peerless customs have been designed with the serious jazz musician in mind.

Peerless - Thinline Hollow

  • Peerless Bird Of Prey Features

    Solving the overweight & dull-bass note problems of usual 335ish guitars, it will give you subtle yet strong sounds for playing Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Blues and any other kind of music you are into.

    MSRP $1,295
    $1,095 $950



    Peerless Bird Of Prey Features

The Peerless thin-line series covers the full array of electric hollow bodies.

Peerless - Master Player

  • Peerless Gigmaster SC Features

    A 16" sharp cut away full hollow body archtop featuring two P-90 pickups found in older Gibson guitars.

    MSRP $1,395
    Price $1,150


    Peerless Gigmaster SC Features

The Peerless Master player series is headed by the all solid wood Tonemasters with Filtertrons and a Bigsby command the full attention of all the country, swing and rockability players out there.