Peerless guitars deliver amplified tone and performance equivalent to guitars costing 2 to 3 times more! Other guitars may look the same, but once you play a Peerless you will immediately hear the difference and be amazed at the affordability of these fine guitars!

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Peerless - Guitars ´n Jazz Exclusives

  • Peerless Monarch 16 Features

    These Monarchs have also been dressed up with a solid flamed maple back, tri-color sunburst, volume and tone added to the pick-guard, with a floating or set Humbucker available on the 17 model, as well as a smaller 16 model with a set Humbucker made for the performing musician.


    Peerless Monarch 16 Features

The GnJ Peerless customs have been designed with the serious jazz musician in mind.

Peerless - Martin Taylor Signature

  • Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro Features

    The Martin Taylor Maestro is the higher spec model with blonde carved solid spruce top, antique sunburst carved solid maple back and solid maple sides.

    MSRP $3,150


    Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro Features

Peerless - Jazz Artist – Solid Wood

  • Peerless Imperial Features

    The top of the Peerless jazz line is the Imperial with a carved spruce top and a carved maple back. Acoustically with a floating pickup, it has great projection and a very focused amplified tone. Amplified with a set in routed Humbucker it sounds like an L5 CES with great clear jazz tones and fulness and great clarity.

    MSRP $2,695
    Price $2,150


    Peerless Imperial Features

  • Peerless Journeyman Features

    The Journeyman is a great hybrid guitar that crosses the bridge from rock, fusion, jazz and whatever you must play. It is all solid woods with 2 set Humbucker pickups.

    MSRP $1,595
    Price $1,295


    Peerless Journeyman Features

  • Peerless Monarch Features

    The Monarch is the flagship and made of all solid woods and undoubtedly the best value in the jazz world delivering a great guitar with great chordal note separations, clarity, sustain and feedback resistant. This is accomplished by using all solid woods - spruce top and maple back and sides and installing a sound-post from the factory that dampens the top just enough to make this guitar feedback resistant. The fretboard is a dream starting at 1.69 at the nut and increasing gradually to 2 1/16 at the 12th fret.

    MSRP $1,695


    Peerless Monarch Features

The Peerless jazz artist series covers the complete line of Jazz guitar for every need. The Monarch, Jazz City and the Journeyman being the most affordable.

Peerless - Master Player

  • Peerless Tonemaster JH Features

    A 16" venetian cutaway full hollow body archtop featuring a solid spruce top and three P-90 pickups and a Bigsby tailpiece with the vintage tone found in older Gibson guitars.

    MSRP $1,500
    Price $1,250


    Peerless Tonemaster JH Features

  • Peerless Tonemaster Standard Features

    A full sized 16" solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides single cutaway hollow body very reminiscent of the Gretch swing and country guitars featuring two Filtertron pickups and a Bigbsy tailpiece.

    MSRP $1,400
    Price $1,195


    Peerless Tonemaster Standard Features

The Peerless Master player series is headed by the all solid wood Tonemasters with Filtertrons and a Bigsby command the full attention of all the country, swing and rockability players out there.