Jim Fisch Series

Each Jim Fisch Archtop Guitar is hand crafted with a solid Spruce for the top and Mahogany back and sides- which is available in a whole series of different archtops.

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  • Eastman AR605 Features

    A classic 16 inch F-hole archtop built with "Old-World" craftsmanship. Carved spruce top, carved mahogany sides & back. Articulate midrange, great projection and a vintage "woody" tone. Also available in a non-electric, non-cutaway model (AR605).

    MSRP $1,975
    Price $1,599


    Eastman AR605 Features

The 605ce features Rosewood fingerboards and are available in Classic and Classic/Sunburst finishes. The mahogany back and sides ad a warmth and depth to the guitar not found in standard maple back and sides archtops. The Rosewood fingerboard enhances the warmth of this archtop.

The 16" 605ce has a flatter Django style cutaway that imparts a very homogenous tone with great clarity to all the chordal voicing, which excellent chordal note separation This series sound great acoustically with great projection and fullness and is the preferred combination for bluegrass and country music.

The 610 ce is a 17" fully carved archtop with a traditional Venetian cutaway that creates greater note separation and brighter highs, and fuller lows than its 16' counterpart. Warm, full with plenty of projection this guitar can stand alone acoustically or amplified with the best archtops. Most Eastman archtops with cutaways are equipped with Kent armstrong designed pickups attach to the pickguard and not to the top of the guitar to allow the greatest acoustic tone and projection.

The 600 series also comes in non cutaway archtops that have the larger top and back soundboards that allow this to be played acoustically with greater projection. The non cutaway models are the favorite of all comping musicians for achieving that chunky full rhythm sound of the big bands of the 30's and 40's. Great chordal note separation and full loud projection found on only the most well made hand made archtops. The Non cutaway models are stocked with f holes for the greatest chordal note separation and in the 16 inch 605 and the 17" 610 models,

The 604 is a 16" oval hole model with a great acoustic voice for those special acoustic situations that require greater chordal note separation that can be found in an acoustic or flat top guitar.