Guild George Barnes Blonde 1961 Archtop Guitar -all original


Guild Guitars

Guitar Type

Archtop Electric, Archtop Hollow Body

Lower Bout Width


Body Depth


Nut Width


Fingerboard Scale


Pickup Type

2 Set Humbucker

Wood Composition

Carved Solid


Maple, Spruce







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The best archtop guitars were made in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Guild A 500, and A350¬†archtops were among the finest and had that great vintage tone that you just can’t find in new guitars today.

Product Description

  • S O L D * A 1961 George Barnes/Acousti–Letric Model. This inlaid on the headstock, Early 60’s Guild Arch top Guitar. Electric/Acoustic. Geo Barnes Acousti–Letric model. Inlaid on head stock. I’m the second owner. Purchased new in Dayton, Ohio in the early 60’s. I purchase the guitar from his estate Through his brother. All orginial except the case . Pickups are mounted on a sound post that runs thru the body of the guitar. Holes for the pickup are bound. Solid Spruce top ( George said the wood came from Alaska) Maple back and sides. Back is figured. Extremly rare. George himself wanted to purchase this guitar himself since his was the proto-type and was just about worn out. I purchased this around 1978. I have found one audio tape of George talking about this instrument and he states that (on this tape) that they only made about 12- 20 pieces. Guild stated that in was just not pratical to make and would tie up their production. This retailed in 1961 for $895.00. I would be happy to make a copy of this tape for the purchaser. I also have several letters from George that I could make copies of, but they do not talk about the guitar. I’m still trying to locate the tape where he states that their was only 12 made plus his prototype, but I’ve been unable to locate it as of yet. I also have a picture of myself and George with him playing his Guild. Also would include some bio info on George and copies of the pics. This is Monstorus Sounding & Plaing AXE. The Guitar, make that Extremly RARE Guitar. solid Norway spruce top. There are no f-holes–so no feedback issues. The top is acoustically voiced and has 2 rectangular cutouts in the top. Taking up most of the space in these cutout sections are 2 Guild pickups, suspended on an internal Mahogany rod that transverses the body cavity.”
    “The prototype has a different headstock than the few production guitars that were made. The production version had an Artist Award headstock, and this prototype sounds so much better than mine!” comments a San Diego player and Barnes fan who owns a sunburst George Barnes model.
    When the strings are plucked, the top is free to vibrate unencumbered while the pickups are in position to do their job, magnetically. Brilliant.


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