Dotson Custom Archtop Electric DEMO Guitar F-Hole Hand Built

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Product Description

Dotson Custom Hand built DEMO F-hole Guitar made right here in the USA. Lightweight 17″ feels and sounds amazing. Hand carved Engleman Spruce top from Colorado with maple back and sides. 5 ply maple neck with Pau Ferro fingerboard feels amazing on the hands and easy to move and play on. Reinforced anchored neck for more stability in sound. 25″ scale with kent armstrong floating pickup. 1 3/4″ Nut. New black design on back of guitar down the middle gives it a modern look to a classic jazz archtop guitar. Many builterx spend a lifetime trying to find the elusive tone of a great  archtop. Will has nailed it.Unparalled acoutic tone ad playability from th start. These demo have some very snmall imperfections allowing to get on of the highest quality archtops as a fraction of the price . They are professionally set up by Jim Millinchuk guaranteed to play like a dream. The neck joint is unique and very different from traditional archtops and reinforced with anchors to be extremely high and carry the tone through the guitar. Guaranteed to never need a neck set for the entire life , and setups and maintenance provided free by Will at his Brooklyn shop or at Guitars ‘n Jazz as part of the lifetime warranty to the original owner. These guitars bark like the old Epi non cuts, being very unique even though they have a cutaway.  The necks , and the beveled headstock ad to the projection and beauty of these guitars. Come into  Guitars’nJazz in Summit NJ and experiece a truly great archtop at a specially discounted price, After setting this guitar to my specs with low action , it still produced great acoustic and was nearly impossible to out done, The action is set very low, making it a joy to play without diminishing its acoustic projection.  Impeccable workman ship and playability , This one is a sleeper at this price!

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