Philip C. Palen

Hi Nelson,

WELL – I am blown away by this guitar!  I was late to work this morning because I finally got it out of the box for the first time Sunday evening, and didn´t get to bed until 2AM!

I wanted to tell you that – forgetting for a quick moment that this is a musical instrument – that as an object, it is so beautifully constructed, truly a breath-taking work of art.  Thank you for choosing such stunning wood!  What an amazing accomplishment to be able to make this.

Then, that it is also a musical instrument on top of that!?!  Quite incredible.    I have to tell you, I haven´t plugged it in at all yet.  All of my time with the guitar has been spent just getting to know it and playing it acoustically.  It has such a rich sound, the bass strings are particularly remarkable.  This is my first 7-string and the additional range, and how that speaks on this guitar, is going to be a joy for me.

As you say, I have a lot to get to know on the guitar.  A friend asked me how long that will take, and I surprised myself by answering, “it´ll take years”.

I´m very proud to own this Nelson, thank you very much.

I hope you won´t mind if I send you a note from time to time as things come to mind.  And, I´ll certainly look forward to the pics, whenever that is convenient for you.  If it helps, I could send you a flash drive and you could just load `em up and send it back.  Would be great to have the highest resolution you have.  No hurry of course.

If we don´t connect before then, have a Merry Christmas and best wishes in the New Year!