Joe P. Showroom

Hi Lou,

I played the El Rey and it´s like butter. It never played so well. The action, intonation, all of it great. Please pass along my thanks to Mark for his work. Last Saturday in the showroom, while you were on the phone I played your Bennedetto Guild  Artist Award, unplugged. I thought it was very well put together, played well and sounded good. At least for some of the run, Bennedetto breathed some life into the brand. He also revamped the X-500 too, didn´t he? I never played one.  Ah, well farewell to Guild electrics; there some good ones in there. I was sad to hear the Pisanos are in poor health; I hope they can come back some day.

Thanks for showing me the George Barnes Models. I had never seen one before. The one upstairs sounded great plugged in. Also thanks for showing me the Super 400; it was amazing. I showed my wife the picture and she asked if I had enough value in my 21-guitar inventory to raise that much money. I replied alas, no, not in short order. I´m sorry for the seller´s ailments, but I commend his taste in specifying this piece.

I hope the Holiday Season is good one for you, and thanks again.