JC Stylles Palen

JC Stylles

“The day I entered Lou’s Guitars n Jazz showroom was a day I still remember well. There were so many archtops around the walls I didn’t know where to begin, and I tried out several, all of them big-name guitars, before I tried my first Palen.

It was at that precise moment when I was actually a little shocked over what I had just experienced.

I had owned several big-name guitars myself worth thousands of dollars over the years, not to collect, but as a performer playing jazz reaching for the highest level of performance, and often finding the instrument just falling short on occassions in area’s of subtlety and responsiveness.

For the first time I found an instrument that seemed to make all others pedestrian, and I’m not just talking about it having a fast neck. It had a response to the touch that I had honestly thought was actually unobtainable on an archtop previously, every little nuance was right there if I wanted it. Plus it had this incredible level of dynamics that came with one’s playing, allowing the sound to leap out if pushed, or just whisper if gently caressed. The tonal quality on it’s own spoke volumes in comparison to the other heavywight guitars-and it hadn’t even been set up with the strings that I actually use yet, which were vastly different to what it was strung with.

I knew this was the last edge in my performance that I had been looking for, and immediatley got a deposit sorted with Lou for my custom built Palen. Sound is such a personal thing for all of us who play, and the minute attenion to details that include one’s technique, string type and gauge, and if a pick is used, how it is held and used, all weigh into the ultimate result. However, if you are a player who has put in some time on the instrument, and you’re ready to handle a Ferrari on the track, then this is the guitar for you. Don’t take my word for it though, go and check out a Palen at Lou’s Guitars n Jazz yourself, or just pick up my latest CD “Ex-hil-a-ra-tion & other states” out on Motema records in July 2011 for a taste of what I’m talking about.”

JC Stylles