Greg P. D’Angelico EX-DC lefty

This is about the left handed D’Angelico EX-DC that you sent me a few weeks ago. Wow, this is such a nice guitar! I have been blessed with the gift of having really nice guitars, and I have to tell you, this guitar is very special. I have played a lot of high-end guitars (especially for being limited by my left handedness) and own several that are the among the nicest I have encountered. I have a beautiful collection and this D’Angelico has stolen the top spot. I have had guitars that were built for me by great luthiers, I have bought guitars that cost quite a bit more, but I have not held or heard a guitar that feels and sounds better than the EX-DC LH. It is all quite subjective, a person’s propensity to like the guitars they like, but I’ll suggest that anyone looking for an electric guitar, particularly those looking closely at es-335s, to stop and give a D’Angelico a road test before any decision is made. Absolutely a fantastic instrument!

Thanks a lot!