Eric B. Eastman 810ce

Hi Lou,

Just a note to say what a wonderful experience it was to meet with you to purchase my new guitar. Your store is amazing, your wealth of knowledge and experience incredible, as well as your willingness to share yourself and the wisdom of your experience. Very generous indeed! As I said to you before I left your shop, not only was I buying a wonderful instrument that I will enjoy for the rest of my life, but how lucky I am to make new friend in you, Lou. Getting to know you and have you for a friend goes beyond the guitar buying experience. You are a rare and wonderful man who has made a positive difference in the lives of so many musicians. We, who are fortunate enough to meet and work with you, are the lucky ones!

Thank you for all that you do Lou. Thank you for helping me find the right guitar last week. I love every minute that I am playing it. It is an integral part of my sound. It has given me the new voice I was looking for.

On my first gig last night with the new guitar, everyone was asking, “Where did you get that beautiful guitar?” Everyone wanted to know what I was playing. My answer, “I got this from my friend Lou at Guitars n Jazz in Summit. NJ.”

Thank you Lou. You are the best!
Warm regards, – Eric B.