Guitar Care

Hand Carved Archtops are Solid wood guitars are made carved solid wood that are directly affected by humidity and temperature. Humidity is the amount of water vapor or moisture in the air. Temperature affects the amount of moisture that air can hold. Both of these factors affect wood because it is naturally “hygroscopic”. This means […]


Fret Dressing

Guitars ‘n Jazz technicians can expertly re-fret your archtop and acoustic guitar when necessary. You will be amazed how well your guitar can play with a new fret dressing and leveling (only if necessary). We can help you determine the correct fret wire choices – small, medium or jumbo profiles, soft medium or hard density, […]

Guitar Set Up

Guitars ‘n Jazz can restring and setup your guitars quickly and accurately. From the time you restring your guitar you will notice the following: the strings will be stretching out of tune and the tone of the strings will be very bright. However, as the strings settle the tone will even out and the tuning […]


The skillfully trained Technicians at Guitars ‘n Jazz are very experienced in repairing all the fret, bridge, nut, tuning, intonation, and other problems listed below. Fret Problems: Strings are rattling on the frets Notes are choking when bending strings Strings are slipping of the edge of the fingerboard Fret edges are sharp and cutting into […]