Andy C. Palen

Hello Lou,

I just got my Palen this afternoon shortly before having to go to work. After opening the case my jaw dropped in amazement of its sheer beauty…the meticulous detail, fine grain, gorgeous finish, and so light! Then I played it and was blown away by its wonderful tone. The top is so responsive (just what I wanted from a floating pick-up), and plugged in it has a rich, full tone. When I got home tonight I was able to play it some more, and the more I played it the better it got. I think I’ll be digging into the tonal depths of this guitar for years. Also, there were so many finish choices that I wasn’t sure which to choose, but this is beautiful! The light golden brown is so tasteful and it really highlights the wood grain. Thanks for your help in getting this guitar, and please let Mr. Palen know how much I’m amazed by his craftsmanship!

thank you,
Andy C., NY 2007